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Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide a strong alkali, is considered one of the most important industrial chemicals. For example, the production of caustic soda in 1980 in America, 12 million tons respectively. Caustic soda flakes is used in various fields, including used in the production of chemicals, rayon, pulp and paper, in paints, aluminum, petrochemicals, Textiles and Leather, Soaps and Detergents.

Caustic soda produced both liquid and solid(flakes) in factories. The liquid sodium with a purity of 50% and 33%, there is high quality. Liquid caustic soda is usually used for export.

Other Applications:

The sugar factory. The oil extraction industry. Soft drink. Canning and food industries. in productions Cosmetics. Pharmaceutical and dyeing. Galvanizing and electroplating. In the glass industry.


1- Polypropylene Bag 25 kg

2- Jumbo bag 25kg*40(1000 kg)

3- Drum 220 Li