bitumen - parschem.comBitumen Petroleum:

This is cutting heaviest crude oil and the most complex components. This is a semi-solid the color dark and dark brown.

This material has physical properties such as adhesion and anti-moisture and dissolved at CS2 and CO2.

In some countries, is applied the word (Asphalt) with word of (Bitumen).

Bitumen production from the origin, can be is divided into three types of Natural Bitumen, Coal Tar Pitches and Petroleum Asphalts.

Petroleum bitumen terms of use is divided into two types Diluted Bitumen or Road Construction and Solid Tar or Roof Insulation.

About 90% of the production of this in road construction and 10% is used for insulation purposes.

road tar classification operation usually based on penetration grade.

Vacuum Bottom (VB) is bitumen raw material.


Petroleum Bitumen Grades:

30/50, 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 95/15, 85/25, 115/15,

MC 30, MC 70, MC 250, MC 3000 AH-70, AH-90, VG-10, VG-20, VG-30


1-NEW STEEL DRUM           150 KG        185KG           210 KG

Height:                                   85 CM         100 CM         92 CM

Gross Weight:                       156 KG         192 KG         215 KG   

Net Filling Capacity:           147 KG         182 KG         205 KG

Drum Tare Weight:             7.5 KG          9.5 KG         11 KG

Color :                               Glossy Black


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