Methanol is one of three very important products in the world chemical industry and many of its materials are derived. Due to the shortage of energy resources in the foreseeable future. also direct use clean fuel or hydrogen used in fuel cells is highly regarded.

The Main  Applications:

Methanol as a strategic product in the production of final products is used such as solvents, paints, plastics and antifreeze. Most parts of the world’s methanol used to produce Acetic Acid, Formaldehyde and MTBE. Of formaldehyde are used in the preparation of plastics, plywood, paints, explosives.

Other used:

Solvents, Resins, Methyl acetate, Methyl Methacrylate, DME(dimethyl ether).


Drum 20-160-180-220 KG

Origin: Iran

Payment Terms: LC-TT

Product Description:

High purity AA 99.9%